Commercial/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Commercial & Apartment Bed Bug Control Staten Island
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BedBug Chasers, your best solution to Commercial & Apartment Bed Bug Control Manhattan in office buildings, hotels, conference rooms and anyone else. There are several companies that advertise they can treat “commercial properties” or “multi-unit dwellings” with heat, but it takes more than words to successfully treat office buildings, apartments, hotel rooms or dormitories for commercial bed bug heat treatments safely and efficiently without the need for follow up bed bug treatments.

Bed Bug Heaters for Commercial & Apartment Bed Bug Control Staten Island Heat Treatment

At BedBug Chasers, we have a fleet of heaters, miles of cable and generators capable of powering any size commercial bed bug heat treatment project. When you choose BedBug Chasers for your multi-unit or Commercial & Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment projects, we arrive with a tractor trailer full of the industry’s most powerful heaters and enough generator capacity to run every piece of equipment simultaneously. The key to effectively treating commercial properties and multi-unit dwellings is to complete the treatment as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or compromising the process. This keeps your costs down and prevents bed bugs from returning to previously “treated” rooms.

Don’t be fooled by false claims. Most companies are only capable of heating a few rooms per day. They return the following day to heat a few more rooms, and so on. At that rate, it could take a week or longer to treat the entire area. The disruption to your business, loss in confidence and damage to your brand is immeasurable.

Let Us Stop The Commercial & Apartment Bed Bug Control Staten Island Migration

This slow “room by room” method also allows the bed bugs to migrate back into already treated rooms. If you have an apartment or multi-unit dwelling, bed bugs are likely to be in more than one room, and perhaps more than one unit. They infest walls and travel between rooms via ducts, pipes and other conduit lines within the building. Bed bugs are always looking for their next meal. If they are given the chance to escape, they will return to rooms that were just treated and look for fresh blood.

Commercial Bed Bug Treatments Done Right the First Time!

Success in treating large properties, apartment and multi-unit dwellings is only accomplished by bringing enough equipment to do the job right the first time. BedBug Chasers will heat and treat your entire building safely, efficiently and effectively for complete commercial bed bug heat treatment.

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Treat NOW and Pay Over Time!


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